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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 8, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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news 4 at 6:00 starts now. live pictures looking over downtown d.c. right now. the district feeling the heat and humidity, but we seem to be spared from the rain, at least at the moment. >> but check out what is rolling in on radar. other parts o of region already experiencing some strong storms. hi, everybody. >> let's headr to the weather center. chief meteorologist doug cammer re tracking where the storms popping up right now. hi, doug. >> hi, guys. we're starting t see those come toimther. big te thunderstorms around charlottesville and down to fitchburg. we're sew toatch as the whole area works our way. one area through here in andar nd fauquier county. i'll zoom in on this one. no around d.c. yet, but look at all the lightning here over the last couple of minutes, l thet ten minutes or so this was really increasing inty inten
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heads up in winchester over parts of clark c snty. seeiwers developing there, too. if i zoom in on this region, you can see where thi is going. moving in towards parts of loudoun county now. this will move right over your region around 50 there. so heads up if you're in northern fauquier county or portions of southern loudoun county or prince william. we're going to talk much more about this storm and the restthf in a couple of minutes. >> doug, thank you. storm team 4 is helping you stay ahead of the nasty weather our nbc washington app. you'll find our interactive radar plus doug's hour by hour forecast to help you plan. o states emergency declared in charlottesville and the ginia thisth of v weekend as officials prepare for events marking one year satce eadly white supremacist rally. >> today, members of the d.c. council were briefed on security plans for a unite the right rally here in washington,e but information from that
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briefing was kept secret. >> news 4's mark segraves was the only reporteroo in the when council members voted to have the public removed from the hyeting. so, mark, were you thrown out? >> reporter: well, it was at thc request ofef newsham. he said he was going to give the council members information that he dn't want the public to know about in regards to how they prepare for these types of protests. newsham came out and did speak to reporftrs briefly the meeting and he insisted that he is not going to let what happened in charlottville happen here in d.c. police in d.c. are hoping to ence repeat of the violati that broke out one year ago in rearlottesville when the same white scist group held a rally there and the protests turned deadly. >> our number one goal is to and sure nobody gets hurt no property gets destroyed. ri reporter: aftering members of the d.c. council behind closed dooret chief newsham was reluctant to provide any details about his plans for curity but tol reporters he
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learned two important lessons from what happened in charlottesville. >> the main criminals of wt happened in charlottesville, one was a failure to coordinate with other law enforceme agencies. we do that here in washington, d.c. on a daily basis. the second criticism was a failure to keep theswo gro separated. i can tel w youe're going to make sure that hapns here in washington, d.c. >> with physical barriers? >> with whatever we need to do. >> reporter: news 4 was removed from the meeting after council members voted unanimously to close the briefing to the publi after request from chief newsham. >> we are goi to be promoting a message of unity, inclusion, solidarity, really the exactop site, 180 degrees from what they're talking about. >> reporter: now, chiefewsham said he will have a full ontingent of d.c. police officers downtow sunday afternoon. he also says he'sor ang with u.s. park police and metro police. we hope to learn more tomorrow afternoon when they have an official press conference to
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brief the public and the press. back to you in t studio. >> mark, thank you. nearly four months after police discovered three set of human remains buried in and around an apartment building in southeast d.c., forensic teams were back at the site digging in a second today's activity focused on a woodedrea about a half a block from the original site here along wayne pce. a spokesman for the chief medical officer w inspected the location himself today tells news 4, nncnew evidee was recovered. the u.s. is hitting russia with new sanctio for using a chemical weapon against a former spy in britain. back in march in england, former russian spy sergei skripal and his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent. within days of that attack, the u.s. joined european countries in publicly blamingmoscow, but president trump never issued a formal declaration tt would have triggered sanctions for the use of chemical weapons. secretary of state mike pompeo has now signed off on the proper
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paperwork. tonight, the first member of congress to endorse donald trump forhe white house is out on bail and facing some serious legal jeopardy. new york republican congressman chris collins arrested today on insider trading charges. prosecutors say he gave his son a tiphat a sto was about to take a dive. ultimately sing several insiders more than $750,000. collins' attorney says he will be vindicated but this corruption scandal involves one of the president's most loyal political allies. just 90 days before the mis.erm electi blayne alexander is tracking this developing sto for us. hi, blayne. >> reporter: well, jim, he is set to speak about 25 minutes from now, but collins has alreadyade it very clear he's not going anywhere. he sent an e-mail to his supporters, calng it ver bad news, but also saying that he has no plans to remove his name from the re-election ballot in november. but prosecutors say that they've got evingnce shohat he committed a crime in one of the
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most visible places in the world.♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: as he and his colleagues celebrated president trump on the white house lawn at last year's congressional piic, prosecutors say new york gop congressman chris collins was committing a crime. >> to tip his son cameron that cameron and a few select others could trade o the news while the investing mick remained inhe dark. >> reporter: as a board member of an australian biotech company, collins allegedly got an eail about a new drug trial that failed. >> devastating information for the company. congressman collins had an keepation, a legal duty to that information secret. >> reporter: instead, prosecutors say he called his n a, as many as seven times matter of minutes to pass along the news. which then was spread to other family members, all of whom sold their stocks. when the fbi asked him about it,
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prosecutors say collins lied. >> this is a powerful indictment. >> reporter: this morning, collins turned i himself and his attorneys are promising to fight, writing, we are confident he will be completely vindicated and exonerated. one of the richest men in congress, collins was the first house member to publicly endorse donald trump for president. >> where is chris? oh, chris, right from the beginning he said trump going to win. >> reporter: today house speaker paul ryan called for the house ethics committee to investigate and said until it's settled collins will be sidelined from his mmittee assignment. and the committee where he serveshe is house energy and commerce committee. doreen, that's the committee that oversees theharmaceutical industry. back to you. >> all right. blayne alexander reporting. thank you, blayne. now to the fraud trial of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. the itprosecution's star wness rick fwagates has n wrapped up his testimony.
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his three days on the stand ended witom more courtro drama a day after he admitted he used money he stole from manaforo pay for an apartment and carry on affair in london. ayggests gates have had four affairs. and asked if hnfmed the special counsel's office. prosecutors objected. gates never answered the question. new today, a fresh poll on the u.s. senate race in virginia. the survey of likely voters suggests incumbentim kaine has a commanding 23-point lead over republican challenger corey stewart by a o marge 49% to 26%. 20%el of l voters say they're still undecided. the poll from virginia commonwealth university shows kaine leading in most major demographic categories including women, men, minority voters and white voters. now to a case that has ar- 15-yd charged as an adult with murder. >> in court today, a judge even referencing the gruesome and
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gratuitous nature of the crime. the teenager and two others are accused of beating and robbing a ma watching him stumble into georgia avenue where he got hit by a news 4's meagan the story now in aspen hill, wryland. >> reporter: wha first thought to be a hit-and-run crash in the early morning hours of june 8th on georgia and hewitt avenue. >> they watched video surveillance, both video and audio and some otheries of evidence together. >> reporter: quickly turned into a homicide investigation police say 21-year-old kenneth, 15-year-old ashley and her classmate at kennedy high school mohammadere scene trying to open o doors parked cars. just after 3:00 in the morning, the three suspects saw gregory , atwo a disabled man walking with his crutch. >> he was walking they were walking. >> reporter: that's when police day they grabbed atwood's backpack and wal away. investigators say nearby
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surveillance cameras captured atwood yelling at the suspects to return his backpack, butrt instead c documents say the group beat the 40-year-old man with his metal crutch. bania even throwing a full beer can at atwood's head before he collapsed in aooded area. grabbed his wallet, stealing the cash inside. >> at one point h crawled out of that area in an attempt to get away. he went inteorgia avenue, collapsed there, lay motionless and that's when the suspect watched him guc s by a vehicle. >> reporter: moments later investigators say know by cameras once again show the three suspects returning to parking lots tryin to break into unlocked cars. reporting in montgomery county, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. search an update on the in prince george's county for two men in connection with the murder of a teenager in hyattsville yesterday. police say 22-year-old terrell mcarthur 22-year-old rashon
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williams have something to do with the murder of 16-year-old vin wilson jr. he was found dead in a parking lot off new hampshire avenue this week. wilson lived in mtytgomery counnd was a standout athlete. detectives say they're also looking for a third suspect in the case. tensions are high security is tight for this weekend's white supremacist district.he >> next on news 4 at 6:00 tonight a woman who survived last year's violence in charlottesville speaks for the first time only to news 4. >> i don't know how many times i turned in the air. i know at some points my legs were straight up ithe air. >> also ahead, we are watching n for heavy r and gusty winds for the rest of the night. >> it could mean flooding and damage, folks. s're tracking
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storm team tracking strong storms for many of us. so strong wee could see s flooding tonight, even storm damage in parts of our region. we hope you'll stay with news 4 as we track this heavy rain and gusty wckds. doug is n three minutes. > we have breaking news now out of fredericksburg, where someone shot a womanf outside a mcdonald's. >> we've just learned the gunman stole truck after police say he ditched a separate suv used
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in the shooting. atne the s with new details for us. jackie? > reporter: well, the active manhunt has grown more alarming with the news of that second b vehiclng stolen that you just mentioned. stolen a short time ago. we have some video from chopper olwe want to show you what it looked like whene arrived here just after 2:00 this afternoon and found a woman who had been shot. the area is described b asng right near the kitchen door. we're not sure whether it was inside or utstde the restaurant. now, this is what police tell us. they are looking for right now. they believe a shortime ago this suspect told a white 2007 chevy silverado with utility body described as having chrome wheels and stickers on the rear window. they actuallypi provided the ure with the strevehicle that they believe is in the one in question. the v-7 x 7349.
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if anyone t seest vehicle they are asked to call 911 immediately. a very active search underway all throughout this area. is is in the central park area right off i-95. there is abitrong posty that this suspect may be out on 95 headed north or south from here. live in fredericksburg, jackie benson, news 4. we're following another princng story in george's county tonight. one person dead on greek street at th avenue and sea pleasant. investigators there are calling this a homicide. the police chief is about to ve as update. as soon as we get new details, we'll bring you them on news 4. new at 6:00, metro is making some big changes in its stations to stop people from cheating their on fares. passengers are certainly going to notice it. >> metro rords obtained by news 4 24 stations have already been updated. replacing the old swing gates,
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the emergency exits, the ones that open in both directions. the ones you see next to the traditional pay gates. supposed to be used only for emergencies or people to enter if they don't have a far dard. showed a rising number of fare cheaters, people who slipped or raced through the swing gates to avoid paying. metro's internal list show they secureed those gates at two dozen stationsetro center, union station and gallery place and along the orange and blue lines. capitol south and smithsonian. 24 additional stations will be changed before school starts at the end of the month. no alarm and limited policeman power actually watching the gates. metro says eliminating the old paper fare cards andew improvements should reduce the number of people who need those gates at all. back to you. all right.
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thank you, scott. the sun is shining for a lot of us, but not true for the whole region, doug. >> seeing storms moving into our these storms coming a little bit later than they did last night in the d.c. metro area. last night looking at those around 4:00, 4:30 evening rush. as we told you earlier today, the evening rush is going to be okay for most of us, not all of us,hough. out there earlier today, nbc 4 out in the community inll hyattsvi great day to get out there in the nbc 4 community barbecue. yes, i was supposed to be out there as well. i'm waving right back at you, guys. in here monitoring the ssrms a ihey make their way through here. would have to have eaten one of those burgers. >> there islv food in. >> i would have held the storms off a little while longer. i love the glasses. we give those out at about all events.ommunity nothing around d.c. here is where we are looking back towards the west. one very strong storm right now
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into parts of fauquier county and moving into loudoun county. developing into the north into loudnounty. more storms developing in winchester. this is all moving to the east. heads up, northern loudoun. riheads up fre county, maryland. right now, though, the heaviest storm rightver marshalln 66th. this is traveling right along 66 t will move jus to the north of 66 in towards northern prince williamcounty, right around the plains here and possibly towards centerville and shan tilley. more storminess around the middleburg area. you can see what i'm talking about a here. righng 66. there is the plains right there. if you live near the plains, s mae you're staying inside. lock athe all t lightning associated with this. not severe but i wouldn't be surprised to see a possible warning with that storm. more storms back into this area of west virginia. we tave to wait for all ofse to two through. that's why we think they'll last through the next couple of hours look at this, 98 in d.c.
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99 in annapolis. it does 125 in quantico. 's wrong. that's not right. but if it was, they'd be calling me o there for sure. not quite right there but a little bit cooler to the westav where we seen some rain. we do have some clouds as result of th storms to our south. 90 degrees currently after a high of oday. down to 8 at 7:00. in the city, i would expect rain around the 8:00, 9:00our. that's the best chance for it. not everybody sees it. keep an umblla just i case. 91 on thursday, 91 on friday. most o us remain on the dry side. a little bit of a different story saturday and sunday. better chance o showers and storms saturday and sunday. we'll talk muc and what could be another flood threat into early next week for the rest of the ten-day forecast, that's coming up at 6:45. >> doug, thank you. coming up nly on4, hear
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for the first time from a woman ho had both of her legs and her arm broken. >> she survived the violent protests in charlottesville. what she'sow learned andhe plans to move forward. coming up we'll explain
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right now, there are 127 wildfires burning out west. among them isge the l in the state's history. his is the mendocino complex fire. thousands of firefighters from all around the world, including at least 60 from maryland, are helpg out here. dozens of homes have been destroye thousands o structures are threatened. as jay gray explains now,fi fighters have never faced a monster like this one. >> this fire is a massivefire, still out of control here. >> reporter: flames rushing from hiside to hillside. a rolling inferno swallowing everything in its path. >> you take epic drought, combine it with high temperatures, all theie ingrs for unprecedented wildfires. >> reporter: investigators believe the latest, the holy fire outsidef los angeles, was sparked by this man, forrest
6:25 pm
garden clark, arrested on felony arson charges. there are close to 20 wildfires burning across california right now. >> i think this is the new normal that we're going to see in california >> reporter: statewide, more than 2,000 structures have been destroyed, more than 600,000 acres scorche those numbers like the flames continue to grow. fires sintense -- you can see the tornado-like weather condition there. >> reporter: they've spawned flame-wrapped tornados with winds of 150 miles hnr. firestorms that's continue to push thousands from their homes. >> just get out. get all the animals out. get your belongings, your papers, everything, all your documents, get it and get it out. >> reporter: as firefighters continue to rush ein, m than 14,000 on the ground now joined by army soldiers for a fight expected continue for weeks here. jay gray, nbc news. >> just incredible. >> yeah, hard to even watch
6:26 pm
those pictures. for the first time, a woman describes the terrifying ordeal that changed her life. >>ks she tal only to news 4 about the mom wt she hit at last year's lethal unite the right rally in charlottesville. >> in the whole confusion of it, it felt like i was swept into a tornado. i had no idea that i was hit by a car. also, heart disease the leading cause of death for women the u.s. we'll explain why some women have a higher survival raten t others. we're tracking storms throughout the rest of your night and the folks, it's not looking any better. get to the ross shoe event and get the shoes you want...for way less. oh yeah. ross has the top brands at big savings.
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you're watching news 4 at 00. hello, everybody. still tracking storms out there as we make our way through the . evenin still nothing around d.c. just yet but storms back in our western zones storms developing in parts of west virginia. these e of more hours o storms to go. the strongestf which is in northern fauquier county. this one has been weakening just a little bit. other storms round the winchester area in towards shepherdstown. this line moving this way not too strong here but there are some heavy downpours. this is starting to weaken just a little bit now. still a lot of lightning, though, traveling right along 66. middleburg right along 50 seeing
6:30 pm
that, too. this will head towards tul plus airport, parts of prince william county and portions of fairfax county as well. doug, thank you. a painful remembrance is just days away. it's been almost aear now since that white supremacist rally erupted into violence in charlottesville. >> one of the survivors is a woman from northern virginia. tonight,nly on 4 she's telling the story of her recovery and her renewed determination to buau chief julie kerry. she's asked us to partially shield her identity. f she'srful that white supremacists might target here. >> reporter: it's a scene of violence that's beenpl ayed around the world as a white supremacist plows through a crowd of counterprotesters in charlottesville. lisa was in the middle of that crowd. >> when i was hit, i had no idea what was going on. i had heard screaming that nt from the rest of the day and i was just beginning to think, should i run? and then i heard -- that was h
6:31 pm
hitting bodies. >> reporter: hitting her body. so this has been lisa's daily drill in the year since as she fights to regain what was taken om her during those violent seconds. >> four more. >> reporter: lisa is a longtime animal rights activist who protested on that issue many times before so her decision to join the demonstrators countering the white supremacists was simply sfting the fight to human rights. >> i wanted to go and stand up against people whont are v and oppressive. >> reporr: once in charlottesville, she met a group of d.c m andched with them. >> i felt terrified and i was standing there as people were lining up in formation to march ou and i thought, well, this feels like war. >> reporter: but lisa stuck close to the group a was not caught up in any of the clashes that broke out when they confronted the white supremacists. she started to relaxed when james those screams and fields gunned his dodge up the
6:32 pm
street into the crowd. lisa was struck and tossed upside tn. this pulitzer prize winning photo capturing the chaos and terror, those are her legsti poinng straight up in the air. >> in thesihole con of it, it felt leak ias being swept into a tornado. i had no idea that i was hit by a car at that time. i was just spinning in the air. >> reporter: she landed on another car and fell to the ground. >> i felt very calm. there was all this chaos going ou all around me but there was nothing i do but lay there. >> reporter: a doctor from richmondeushed to her s as they awaited emergency responders. her forehead caught, jaw out ofr alignment, hand badly broken, and worst of all, both legs were broken, too. >> reporter: y pu. >> they put the plates and screws and pins in my legs. i think it was wednesday when they did my hand surgery. es reporter: pain at t
6:33 pm
excruciating and fear, especially at first, powerful. >> the first nighthen i tried to fall asleep i woke up terrified that the nazis were going to come in to kill me so >>ey put a security guard on my door. eporter: lisa says she also experienced joy at t ttpouring of support. >> everything wasaken out of my hands and people were just being so good to me. >> stretching your hip, right? >> reporter: after the hospital and six weeks of inpatient treatm tt, it was up her with the help of her physical therapist to do the hard work of >> i can do most things now. i can't dance yet. i would like to be able to dance, but i can now do >> reporter: and she can march again. on sunday on the anniversary of heather heyer's death and her grave injuries, lis will be in d.c. joining those planning a nterprotest of the second unite the right rally. >> our right to speech is not just a right, it's also ali responsibity. i would especially like for otite supremacists to understand
6:34 pm
that they're going to break us. i think everybody who can show up should show up. >> reporter: and lisa says one reason she is a physicalle to show up this weekend, she got help paying for her medical care. her insurance covered just a fraction of her physical therapy. so the heal charlottesville fund stepped in to brie the gap. it has awarded more than $300,000 to those who were injured by or witnessed that car attack. >> so awful to see the painful cost of hatred. >> she said nobody should have to pay the price for speaking up. >> and kind of shocking that she will be marching on sunday. >> she's very determined. strongonvictions. >> all right. thank you. >> stay with news 4 and for the latest news heading into this weekend. we'll have theatest security preparations here in the district ahead f sunday's white supremacist rally. gun safety groups are working with the ad council to raise awareness about accidental
6:35 pm
injuries to children from guns and they've coined a new term for it, family fire. here is a portion of one of the videos. >> we have guns? >> what's that? >> do we have guns? >> why do you ask that, kiddo? >> can i play wit it? >> absolutely not. it's not a toy. you know that. >> do i? i bet it looks like one. ee yeah, well, it's not. >> where do you it? >> it's hidden. >> i bethet on top shelf of your closet under your sweatsoart. is itd? > it's not -- i keep the bullets. >> in the dresser beside the bed. i haven't found them yet but i'm sure i can. >> the public service campaign aims tof educate all us about the importance of safe firearm storage. in four years, the light rail purple line is expected to be open for business and work to meet that deadline is quickly unfolding in prince george's
6:36 pm
county. the purple line is a 16-mile light rail system that extends from bethesda to new carrollton. starting tomorrow, one eastbound lane of east-west highway between kennelworth avenue, mustang drive andriverdale park will be closed to traffic. it will narrow af portion oe already congested road to one lane for years to come. >> we're getting ready to establish our work zon to start building the foundations that htll carry the purple line l rail over and down east-west highway. >> to sign up for updates on the purple line project, go to our nbceb washington wte and search "purple line updates". we are working for your health with some important informatn for women about advocating for yourself in the emergency room. a stud oy out this week swows n are more likely to survive a heart attack when treated by a female docto in the er. experts say you can avoid being part of b that statistic
6:37 pm
speaking up at the hospital. clearly explain your and when they began. tell the doctor if you think your heart is the problem. request testsis that diagnos heart attack and be honest about your family's heart history. hey, the next timeg com up on news 4 at 6:00, families about to be forced out to make way for a highway. >> one, two, three, four, five homes. five families whose lives are about to be uprooted because of a widening road project here in northern virginia. i'm david culver. just ahead, why these families feel like their voices are not being heard. news today for healthy first-time mothers. why waiting longer to deliver could raise the likelihood of needing a c-section. tracking storms for some of
6:38 pm
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6:40 pm
if the government wants you, properven your home, sometimes they can take it. >> yeah, itan fall under eminent domain. some living along i-66 in northern virginia are now scrambling to find a ns home virginia plans to expand the interstate. >> news 4's david culver with feel likeners who their voices are being muffled. >> reporter: when many of us spend hours commuting like this, you might understand why his short walk is so >> across the street it's the metro rail station, which i take to work every day. >> reporter: we followed along, strolling from his cul-de-sac to the metro station, four minutes. his wife sue is relying on vdot for this next home because their current house along with the four homes next door will be wiped out as part of an expansion project.
6:41 pm
>> move more people and serve the needs of northern virginia's travellers. >> reporter: acknowledges there are benefits to a wider highway here, b for residents who live in his district -- are ot and its contracto nickel and diming my constituents over the price of fair market value homes they're going to betaking. >> reporter: 892-year-old dolores' home is slated for dem litigation as well. she's lived here for 47 years and says vdot wants her out by the end of the year. her daughter traveling in from texas to help her mom move. so she thought. > she's about to undergo knee surgery she'd been putting off thinking she would be in her new home. >> reporter: vdot and a private paner tell us they are working individually with the impacted property owners. adding they go through a fair market appraisal and work to find comparable homes for the residents. the folks who live here know they cannot save their hou ts buy're hoping tonight with the help of vdot they canind
6:42 pm
equally convenient and comfortable place to make a home. david culver, news 4. when we ce back on news 4 at 00, a brand-new study on >>childbirth. pecifically when to induce labor. why researchers say it could reduce the number of c-sections. still tracking a couple of urorms and heavier downpours making their wayay.
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♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa
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♪as long as the suns up... ♪there's no holding back.♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa ♪and every moment, ♪you gotta make it last. all the thrills of summer. one amazing getaway. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. visit both parks for only $30 per day. a quick look at our top stories tonight, including a shooting outside a fredericksburg mcdonald's and a manhunt under any for the gu
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police tell us a man shot a woman and thenrove off in an suv. officers say he ktched the trnd stole this white 2007 chevy silverado. the woman suffered life-threatening injuries. republican congressman chris collins has posted $500,000 after pleading not guilty to insider trading charges. federal prosecutors in new york say collins tippedff his son about a failed drug trial that caused a pharmaceutical stock to plummet. e congressman predicts he will be exonerated and says he intends to run for re-election in november. and the d.c. public library in georgetown is back openft tonight a several garter snakes were found inside. according to a reptile curator at the national zoo, the rain and flooding are causing some snakes to look for cooler, dry places to hang out. garter snakes are not dangerous to people. they just want to be putin back to the wild and left alone.
6:46 pm
some important news tonight affecting pregnant women. inducing y finds that labor a little bit early appears to reduce the rate of c-sections. nbs.s erica edwards has deta >> reporter: other than feeli her baby move, the most exciting thing for an expectant mother is to see her baby. now a major new study finds moms can hold their babies a little sooner and have labor safely induced at week 39 instead of 40, whi is typically considered full-term. >> there is no evidence of harm and all the evidence was both for the mom and baby of benefit. >> repatter: thenwide study included more than 6,000 pregnant women. half wanted labor to begin naturally. the other half elected to have labor medically induced at 39 weeks gestation and those women were less likely to need a c-sectio
6:47 pm
what's more, they had a lower chance of developing dangerously high blood pressure. doctor williams at northwestern ledhe study trial. >> we never want to intervene if we believe it's causingharm, but if it's not causing harm and potentially leading to benefit, it's certainly we bel ve women should have a choice about. >> reporter: women in the group also reported less pain overall. welcomed the new findings but they also caution ective indeductions should be reserved hr healthy women and onlye an in-depth conversation with her doctor. erica edwards, nbc news. president trump's hotel in washington, it's a magnet for his fans, for foreign dignovaries and contrsy. critics say the hotel is the president's biggest conflict of interest. >> the closer you are to the source, the more power youhave, so i think d.c. being a power culture, everyone wants to be in
6:48 pm
and around the trump hotel. >> so how much money is the president makin from the hotel? nbc news analysis oust aheadn "nbc nightly news" with lesterft holt right aer this newscast. well, doug, who should be kunning for cover right now? >> places b to the west. still not much around the d.c. metro area.e still nnd hot, on the humid side, too. it looks like our severe threat may be west virginiai uening. most o haven't seen anything at all. talking about this hitting a little lateronight. now, 94, the high today in d.c. a hot one. heat index, i00 degrees d.c. today. ed 93 in annapolis. the heat and humidity definitely ther you can see as we look off towards the east, not much in the way of clouds off to the east but to the west, that's where we're dealing with shade now. current temperatures, 87 in
6:49 pm
manassas, rain cool there. winchester seeing some in the way of rainht now. annapolis at 93. here is the radar showing sho s scattered showers around. this was a pretty strong storm earlier, had a lotf lightning but now it's starting to weaken. really just some rain as its making its way through middleburg and parts of prince women william county. herndon around -- some heavy downpours right around frederick,aking its way right towards frederick. right along 340 heren jefferson county up towards the martinsburg area. back towards the west, watchingi this kind of why right now or severe threat has weakened a little bit. this front is going to be making its way our way right about now. dealing with big time thunderstorms right around this afternoon. notice where t front it. it's way back to the west.
6:50 pm
storming developing into west virginia now instead of over our area. it's going toe take them t to get here. once they to, though, we could see strong rain, may a thunderstorm or two. again, our severe threat may be limited. again, very gnews. we don't need to see any more. look at this, chicago high and dry. ehtake a look at this,d the front, a lot cooler, 86, lexington. only 79 in pittsburgh. there is the 90s, new york, washington, raleigh, right on down i5. we'd like to get into some of this cooler air. it will feel a bit better tomorrow. it's not going to feel quite as hot and humid. nice for lunch at around noon tomorrow. looking pretty good, mostly sunny, high temperature around 85. can't rule out isolated showers inhe afternoon tomorrow or friday. us remain on the dry hide. cooler for the weekend because we have a lot of cloud cover and a much better chance of showers and thunderstorms saturday.
6:51 pm
especially sunday, monday and, su but the setup here we're going to be watching very closely, could produce more flood. that's something we're going to be watching. storm team 4 staying all over it. >> thank you, doug. coming up, why onesk rins
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk. >> first up, patriots. >> yep. doug came into the sports office and said let's order wings. >> got to order wings. >> unhealthys eating back. when we want to eat unhealthy, it's time. i think it is tim it happens every summer. redskins training camp, you start to run out o questions. tuesday on the 11th day of camp head coach jay gruden was asked about players that make the best babysitters. he likes josh norman but thinks these tweets a lot -- i thinkis t and his kids need a real
6:55 pm
game. redskins fans excited to see this guyn a new jersey, quarterback alex smith. not the only faces will see tomorrow, signing paul richardson jr. along with rookie running back darius geist who plays the video games. it's going to be special. >> i kind of feel like a rookie all over again. you know, when i -- my rooki year, i couldn't wait for the first preseason game. i didn't know that -- i wasli ke, these guys play in their real unirms in the preseason? it's kind of like that moment again. forward to it >> it wasn't my first time. i already put on one. at the nfl rookie premier. but, you know, getting ready to strap it up and get out there for the t firste. i'm excited, man. one through 10, i'm like a 12 right now. it's almost here, man. ricky. >> can't stop smiling. >> he's smiling. with myuy doug paying for the wings, nbc 4 is your home for the redskins preseason opener. patriots, 7:30. the game reacon, and breakdown
6:56 pm
on the redskins postgame report followed by news at 11:00. as the nationals try to finish strong, they're having a trouble keeping a closer. now on the disabled list with a right rotator cuff impingement. painful to say. fellown closer s doolittle still recovering from a foot injury. one word says it all, reunited. goalkeeper back with d.c. united on a 1r/2 yea loan from the nish club he signed with last year. the club's ever first homegrown player. the youngest goalkeeper in ma r soccer major league history to -- when they host orlando. all right. let's go back to baseball. virginia's little leaguorld series drought unfortunately continuing. commonwealth hasn't sent a team to williamsport since19 when
6:57 pm
the loudoun south little league team justin one shy of heading to the wld series. lost toea a tm from peachtree, citygeorgia, in the southeast regional final 3-0. what a great season for those kids from loudoun. sou a lot of emotion but they were just having a terrific run. they'll look back on it and smile and what ar great sum it has been for them. all right, my friends. are you ready? what you're a to see will be in the desert but it's not a rage. redskins fans making their way to arizona for game one. get to see alex smith's debut and also this -- it's called the grid iron burger. weighs in at pounds and features five 1/3 pound burger potties, 20 slices of american cheese, eight slices of bacon, eight chicken tenders, 12 ounces of fries, lettuce, pickles and
6:58 pm
tomatoes about a 10 inch bun. i you finish the challenge and eat in under an our, you'll get your photo on the scseboard. here recap. the grid ironburg. five 1/3 poundburg worries, five hotdogs, five brought wurs. lettuce pickle and something called tanker sauce all on a 10 .ch burger b four ordered to the studio. you better do some stretching. drink it with a lightt' beer actually helpful. >> a stretch and a stretcher to the er. >> y'd need mor than four people to eat one of those things. good grief. >> doug will take two, right? >> he wants wings. >> got to get wings. i'm staying here tonight. i've got to monitor the storm ronter. >> tom night. tomorrow night is the game. all right. thank you, dave. >> that's going to do it for us. thank you foraving us. "nightly news" starts in just 60 seconds. >> w hope widn't kill your appetite for dinner. see you at 11:00.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, a shocki twist after 11 children are rescued from a ramshackled desert compound. a new disturbing discovery as authorities say a suspected child kidnapper was training o commit school shootings. an arsenal found, a shooting raiand veral adults under arrest. a powerful congressman arrested by the fbi. >> congressman collins acted as if the law didn't ao him. >> one of president trump's first backers in washington accused of a scheme involving bimoney, secret phone calls, and lying to the feds. shot in the back, a man killed by an officer while he was running away, an un investigatiorway tonight in nashville. the u.s. slaps major new punishment on russia after that attempted assassination of a


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